New Idea’s for the New Year.

Welcome to 2017, I hope you had a great Christmas and returning to work in the  New Year isn’t too much of a shock.  It is for me!  Working for myself, Ive only the spiders to talk to.

The tree’s seem bare and very little happening in the fields but with each day the sun is rising a little earlier and its getting darker a little later.  I just wish it would just get a little warmer, especially with the boiler on the blink.  Come on plumber, where are you?


Er’Indoors loved her new table. Terquiose is the colour she loves, a message engraved underneath and a couple of butterfly joints on top and on the bottom should see it right.  I should be able to take the hint and brush up on my carpentry skills now, she’s bought me a book on making joints!


Wicked Hairpin Legs Personalised Oak Table


I’ve always hated returning to work after the New Year. Why can’t I just hibernate untill Easter?! This year though, Im looking forward to creating a few new projects.  Ive settled down over Christmas, had a few too many Snowballs and a few too many G&T’s, along with all the rest and come up with a plan. Im really excited about some of the ideas Ive got and where they could lead.  One or two might have to be shelved or just be pipe dreams but with help along the way, they might come true.


Light Bulb Moment


All in all 2016 has been a funny year, Im pleased both Davis Attenborough and EIIR are both with us still.


Happy New Year to everyone 🙂