Liberty’s Open Call 2016.

LapageMade has some exciting tales from our visit yesterday to the most magnificent London department store…

Liberty London.

We set off from home at 6am with half a dozen of LapageMade’s wares, packed in a suitcase and with speech in hand and some figures heading for Liberty’s Open Call 2016.


We joined the queue a little bit later than hoped, at half 9.  The queue was already around two corners of the building! It took an hour to get to the first corner and a further two hours to get to the second corner and the actual door.

We were nearly there, not quite!!! We gathered we had to be on the fourth floor!  It took another hour to get the first floor done and another hour for the remaining three! 5 hours so far.

It was fortunate that we had some good queue neighbours and the mood was light hearted.

We made it to the top of the stairs, we were vertually in!! Time to prep the speech and get ourselves together. Hold-up?!? Whats that they are saying, another hour after we are in! you’ve got to be joking!!


If I knew that I would have bought my overnight bag.  Anyway, we took our seats and registered at the desk and waited to be called for the Ten Minute warning.


Er’indoors who was tagging along for the ride and to have a look at the handbags on the way through knew a little about the process and had seen the head man on the telly a number of times, Ed Burstell MD. Anyway, he was the man for us, the bloke we were pitching to, the man the Liberty’s people call God…. And there he was….


…the time had come!

The wife actually did all the talking,  left her to it, she was good!

There was Ed Burstell and a lady from Channel 4 in front of us, apparently there to look at for new talent for a George Clarke’s telly program and a TV camera behind us.  Its a good job that the wife was doing the talking cos I certainly wasn’t doing much of it with the nerves and all, she did me and LapageMade proud.

We were there exactly 4 minutes and before I could pack our wares away, the next person was in.

The result – he was very impressed with what we took to show, the prices we were wanting and the personalistion of what we do.  Not so sure he would have been as impressed with Er’indoors if she had asked for the selfie she wanted,  but impressed enough to give us his card and ask for more details to be emailed direct to him.

So it seems we are through a bit further  (not to the judges houses yet) If we are chosen we will be called back to specifically meet buyers in the department we would be supplying with a greater amount of detail to be discussed.  He thinks what we do would make a good Christmas range, but still no gurantees yet, but the fact we went and they liked LapageMade makes it all worth it.

The hours of queueing not waisted then!