LapageMade is 4 !!!

A couple of weeks ago LapageMade turned 4 !!! and I, Mrs LapageMade AKA Beckie AKA Er’indoors, wanted to write a blog to mark this momentous occasion, and I really do feel it is momentous when a lot of new business’s don’t make their 1st Birthday, so I am proud of both LapageMade and John and that’s what I wanted to celebrate.

LapageMade came about after a particularly sad and hard time for John, the death of his fabulous, funny and troublesome Mom. Jenny left us at a crossroads in many ways but particularly work wise for John, after spending months tirelessly looking after her at home with his sister giving her all she could have desired. He was no stranger to working for himself over the years but he now had the opportunity to start something special something he really wanted to do and as a legacy to Jenny and with her backing LapageMade was born.

It’s not always been easy and I in particular can see the hard work that goes into every day and every product John designs and makes. He started with just a laser machine and ideas and the need to rely on others for some processes, but he has tirelessly worked towards honing his skills and sourcing other machinery to become, on the whole, self-sufficient.

We have had our ups and downs over the last 4 years, but have in whatever way always tried to do new things and move out of our comfort zone each year. This year we are attending markets further afield and heading to the “Good Food Show” in Birmingham for the first time and can’t wait to be in my home city sharing all things LapageMade.

Self-employment on the face of it seems ideal doing what you want when you want, I often joke with John that I would only start work after Jeremy Kyle, Homes Under The Hammer and Tipping Point!!! But seriously I can appreciate how lonely it can be sometimes. I work full time so only get to work with (annoy) John at the weekends, but thanks to Instagram and the “Curry Beer and Wood” group, help and guidance and beer is only a message away, from very talented Joiners and Woodworkers and local ones at that.

Over the years LapageMade has been stocked and is stocked in some Fabulous shops and websites, we have worked with Joiners and Cabinet Makers helping them put their mark on their amazing work. Working with these people is a huge highlight of the past 4 years and we have made some fabulous friends and its lovely how people just get you and want to see you thrive, and are always there to offer help and advice.

We by no means feel like we have this thing sorted and understood, because some days I often wonder what on earth we are doing and each day, month and year brings new challenges but I suppose we are just thankful for where we are now today, 4 years on. We have Lovely Customers who love what John does and choose LapageMade to celebrate and mark such special times in their lives, as long as we continue to do that we will be happy.

I suppose when all is said and done I am just a very proud wife and John is a Fabulous Man and Husband and I am lucky to call him mine. His hard work and attention to detail amazes me every day and LapageMade is only what it is because of him and that makes me proud of him and LapageMade. Here’s to the next 4 years.

Much Love