A Week On & Our Second Post.

Another week has passed and the weather has settled down a little, to a sultry 22 degrees.  Not too hot nor too detrimental.


This week I’ve been mainly reading about Blogs (making and engraving Chopping Boards, Trivets and a couple of new idea’s also, in preperation to The Revesby Country Fair and my other regular Markets).  A particulaly helpful quote was ‘The more you narrow your focus, The more you broaden your audience’ and ‘Spend ten minutes brainstorming your answers to your blog question’.  I could spend all day looking up on the internet on how to do this, that or the other… To get ideas on what to do for any situation.


To be honest with you, I would rather spend my time actually doing some work, coming up with my own ideas and making everything that I do make have my own personal twist to it.  This is my own blog and no one else’s!  I try my hardest to keep the work I do and the items I sell my own rather than directly others.


Moving on, the Revesby Show has been and gone.  My first ever.  I have always known about itand for the past couple of years have lived in the next village along from it.  Fancy that.







The highlight? The Terrior Racing?  Coming home and finding the fields directly around where I live with not only one harvester and a companion Tractor/Trailor, but Two!? Meeting lots of new people? A bacon butty stand within yards of our stall?    No!  That it’s been a great day, I’ve spent the whole day with my beautiful wife and it’s Chinese Takaway Sunday (a one off mind).



Tomorow is Monday and although I wish for a day off any time soon, my work chores aren’t actually chores.  I work for a purpose , the decisions I make are my own for the good of LapageMade and I have satisfaction and enjoyment in what I do.

Next week I think I must pay the Saw Mill a visit for some more English Oak, for even more wonderful boards and trivets and a couple of new ideas.  I really look forward to receiving a lovely piece of machinery that I’ve been wanting for a long time.


I just wish the missus would come over to work full time at LapageMade.