On The Surface Of It…

A day of two halves today. Bright, sunny and warm this morning and overcast and cool this afternoon. Good enough to venture out for a regular Sunday Treat, after the In-Laws headed home.
No fledglings today but plenty of wasps and flies, must be something to do with the lack of crops about. A flurry of harvesting towards the end of the week due to a forcasted wet Friday. For once, the whole of last week predicted a wet Friday and from the outset it was wet. The people of Stamford did visit though and bought some very nice things that I have for sale so on the surface of it a wet day had a silver lining…
DSC_0481I hate to say it! LapageMade has to think about the dreaded big December festive period.  Its the wifes day in her rightful place tomorrow, at the LapageMade offices. She’s mentioned that we have to take action soon, confirm the range that we will make and launch nearer the time.  I’m sure I smiled and nodded.

Before long the shops we stock may want their usual engraved solid oak boards and egg holders to be personalised with festive details.  Something that was a hit last year was small paddle boards that had a specific space for a carrot and a glass of sherry a personal message for you know who.

Captain and Cook in Horncastle has been recently restocked and Chez Soi in Stamford has just put a large order in, so that is next week sorted for work. Lots of sanding and cutting and producing  egg holders!  There is plenty of wood in stock for the egg holders.  The English Oak for the boards has been bought (with plenty of pippy details), planed and cut to size and just needs engraving,  sanding and oiling etc.

2015-03-17 09.02.55-12015-03-17 09.02.422015-03-17 09.03.07Go On, just do it.                                                                         Thats It!                                                                             There you go.