It’s Been A While But A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

Well! I don’t know where to begin. With the weather probably. A week of glorious September sun behind us and a week of October rain ahead of us, so the weather man says. Last chance to do some pegging out, then.

Just over two weeks ago I broke my 5th Metatarsal (no, not playing international football or triathleting!) which changed the way I worked and the immediate jobs I had to do. Yes, the wife was on holiday with her family at the time and had to come home early.  Yes, she had to take time off work to drive me to markets etc. Yes, the dogs don’t have a walk every now and again (although Boo is insisting on not coming at the moment anyway) and yes, I feel guilty on putting my duties on other people (especially er’indoors) but life, and business goes on and I have to get on with it. It could have been worse, I could have broken my ankle or my wrist etc.  It could have been in the middle of November instead of the middle of September when orders had to be complete and the run up to Christmas was well under way.

Talking of orders.  As I didn’t have much to do this morning, I began the process of starting an order from a talented couple from not far from me that give new life to old vintage trunks and chests, aptly named Vintage Trunks And Chests.  They repair, restore and renovate interesting old trunks.  They came to me just under a year ago for some plaques, to fix inside their trunks, with their logo engraved onto 50mm diameter plywood. From the photographs they sent me, they looked great. They’ve put another order on for the plaques and some keyrings.

I have another order from the wonderful shop in Stamford, Chez Soi, for Waney Edged Chopping Boards, Egg Holders and Egg & Soldiers Boards, and lots and lots of Egg Holders for another shop with their own unique engraved sayings on the side.  After a visit to a delighful shop in Louth, The Cheese Shop & Deli, Ive taken an order for half a dozen cheese board for them to sell in their shop.  A medium sized square board, an inch and a half thick, with all the cheeses they sell engraved around the board.  It could be the start of something great.  It’s all looking very busy in October! Not only for shop orders but for getting ready for regular Friday Stamford Market and Louth Saturday Markets but for events and Fairs in November.

It all kicks off with a Saturday and Sunday Craft Fair at Doddington Hall, near Lincoln on the 7th & 8th November. Then The Big Craft Event at the Lincolnshire Show Ground on the 15th November, Kelham Hall Craft Fair on the 22nd November and finishing off at Stamford Christmas Market on the 29th November. Phew, November is going to be busy!! Good job I wont have a pot on my leg! I think I would have needed castors fitted and go go gadget thrusters.

The Louth Victorian Fair 3 weeks ago was a sucess, along with the Peterborough Harvest Festival in the city centre.  Beckie and I had a lovely visit from my in-laws when we were there too.  The week after the Harvest Festival I was contacted by a neighboring stall holder, Natty & New, who wondered if I could make them some unique T-light holders and individual gifts for them to sell.  All good news.

I think I best go and attend the bombfire I had started after lunch and see how it’s gone.  Thats all for now and I look forward to letting you know whats been going on in a couple of weeks.