Exciting Times, Post Number 3


A lovely Sunday in the garden is just what I need. A sunny afternoon after a nice cup of coffee and lunch at our regular in Woodhall Spa. Although a little windy, it freshens it up a little. I think there might be a second clutch of blackbird fledglings in the hedge nearby, bothering their mother by making a racket. With them and a field of barley being harvested a couple of fields away, it’s all very peaceful.


About a year and a half ago I had decided to put my thoughts into production by way of buying a CO2 Laser Engraving machine. A machine that has done me proud so far. Technology that isn’t that new but the way it is used can be unlimited. Run by a computer makes it a CNC machine and for what can be designed on a computer is amazing and the accuracy of the machine is to the tenth of a millimetre. It cuts and engraves, the materials used can be limitless. There is no actual physical contact between the engraving machine and the piece of wood being engraved. A laser beam does the engraving, the depth and finished effect is adjusted my the speed and power of the settings of the machine.
The main part of LapageMades work is to engrave. All stems from the engraving process. My ideas have grown to such an extent though that I need a new piece of machinery. It will bring more ideas in house and less reliance on others.
Help from places like Central CNC Machinery, JMJ, Christian Blake Interiors, Jonny Ditchburn etc I have chosen a particular CNC Router fit for many tasks.
It will enable more products to come into effect with a greater amount of control over what is made and a more varied amount of items being made. Practical things for the kitchen, decorative things for the living room, useful things for all around the home.
So…watch this space in the weeks and months to come. It’s all very exciting. In the mean time, if you have something you want making or personalising, please contact me.

The website has been designed in a way that makes it easier for you to order your wooden items with a personalised message. You can also buy an item with standard message, which are always available to buy.
I hope that all our items mean as much to yourselves or the person you are giving it to, as they do to me, the person who makes it.

That’s it for this week. Boo, the 17 year old Jack Russell is barking to be fed.