Doing Right By Your New Board

Doing Right By Your Board

Your new board is a natural product and no two boards are the same. It is Solid English Oak and sometimes includes a waney edge, the outer edge of the tree (The Softer Sap Wood). This Provides an interesting feature within the wood, sometimes pippy details make the wood extra special. Pips are like knots in then wood, where the tree puts out a number of branches within a small area and sometimes the detail looks like a cats paw print.

The Board has been oiled. There is no better oil to use over another really but I would recommend  British Rapeseed Oil or a Tung Oil, bought from a hardware shuo.  Its food safe and hardwearing. It provides nourishment and seals the wood against strong tastes from foods.

It will need several more coats to properly seal the wood, we recommend to oil it when it looks patchy or dry. Use a clean old tea towel or something similar to work the oil into the wood and wipe off any excess.

After purchasing the Board the best thing you can do before using it for the first time, is to wash it in luke warm soapy water  then leave to totally dry after towel drying.


Soak in Water

Leave against a Radiator to dry.

Wash in a Dishwasher

Follow these steps in caring for your Board or any other Oak product from LapageMade and it will repay you with many years of happy use.

John Lapage