A New Year….

Best laid plans and everything…..

The run up to Christmas was hectic to say the least, with orders from shops and order from Louth & Stamford markets, with breaking a bone in my foot and with extra Sunday markets and fairs.  I didn’t get chance to breath some days.

We had a lovely time away over Christmas with faimily, packed the car up with presents and the dogs and headed south for a few days.  Returning with as many presents and a few extra pounds.

My grand plan was to catch up on a few things after the New Year, work on a couple of ideas and do a few jobs that were on my mind. Well, with one thong or another I’ve not had chance to develop any ideas yet, that I hoped to do.  Ive had a couple of orders that Im cracking on with next week… a visit to the saw mill for more waney edge english oak was sucessfull….


One thing that came up was I had to buy a new van, might as well make it a white one I guess.  The poor car ended up in a ditch after a crash.

Liberty’s London a week ago was a success, a week to prepair for it was a little stressful for something so important.  We haven’t heard from them yet but they said two weeks and just another week to hear from them. The weeks keep totting up and before we know it, Easter will be here.

The next thing is the dreaded tax return! That should be done by the middle of next week and then the orders should be done for the end of the week.


Boo is still going strong, although much slower than I would appreciate sometimes.  We had a lovely walk in the woods this morning, even saw a couple of doe’s leaping over the track after I made a noise to scare them away.

By this time next week I should know our fate on Libertygate, fingers crossed…